Three New Changes to the YouTube Layout

As a New Year’s resolution many people become focused on revamping themselves by working out more often, eating healthier, or quitting a bad habit.  YouTube has decided to revamp their platform with new layouts and better analytics.  There are 3 major changes to the YouTube platform to be aware of:

  1. YouTube Home Page
    The YouTube Home Page has changed and appears to have a more sleek and modern layout.If you are logged into your YouTube account, the first redesign you will notice is a Subscription Feed in the middle of the page.This is great to quickly find your favourite channels and tune into the latest updates. From the channel standpoint, this greatly beneficial as the smaller channels whose videos are not viral, will have a chance at being seen.

  2. YouTube Channel Page
    The new design and options to the YouTube Channel Page offer better optimizations.There are still the traditional: background image and channel details (title, tags, description, etc) to write.However, there is now a feature that allows you to choose one of four unique template layouts.The “Blogger Template” is a recommended layout that allows your YouTube Channel to follow a more concise and easy to navigate blog style theme.Another nice add is the inclusion of links to your blogs and other social profile links.

  3. YouTube Analytics
    Many of the features that were available in YouTube Insights are still present in the new YouTube Analytics platform.However, there are two new features: Audience Retention and Playback Locations.
  • Audience Retention:You have the ability to identify areas in the YouTube video that the audience engages with most.This could be where they stop viewing the video, or which part they watch multiple times.
  • Playback Locations:This feature allows you to view exactly where your YouTube videos are being watched (i.e. mobile device, computer, etc).In addition, you will also be able to see where your videos are being embedded.

As an ever changing platform, YouTube will continue to change and adapt to users’ suggestions.  What are you opinions on this latest YouTube layout revamp?